Guidance 1000
PA(Precise Automation)사의 Guidance Controller는 세계 최고의 엔지니어들이 개발한 드라이버 일체형 제어기로 초소형,초경량이면서 최고의 성능을 자랑하는 로봇 전용제어기로 고속,고정밀,고신뢰성을 요구하는 로봇시스템이 최상의 솔루션입니다.
- 400MHz의 고성능, 저전력 CPU 탑재
- 16~32MB의 플래쉬 디스크
- 분산 제어 네트워크를 통한 제어기 확장성
- 피크 전류 10~15A의 모터 구동 드라이브 내장
- Guidance Series 중 가장 컴팩트한 사이즈

General Specifications

Computational Hardware CPU and Dynamic Memory 400 Mhz high performance, low-power CPU with 16MB or 32MB of dynamic RAM.
Nonvolatile Memory Flash disk with 16MB or 32MB of storage for OS, firmware and user program and data storage
Software Motion control Continuous path following, straight-line and circular motions, torque and velocity control, s-curve profiling.
Control of up to 32 axes via networked distributed control organized into up to 12 multi-axis robots. Distributed control network can consist of up to 16 controllers.
Kinematic Licenses – Control complex machines (including articulated, parallel and redundant axis robots) with simple Cartesian control.
Advanced Kinematic License – For three and four-axis robots.
Complex Kinematic License – For six-axis and unusual geometry robots.
(Custom or additional Kinematic modules available subject to an NRE charge).
Conveyor Tracking Software License – Allows controller to be integrated with conveyor belts and permits a robot to automatically adapt to varying belt speeds.
Advanced Controls License – Enables enhanced motion control modes including: high-speed position latching, real time trajectory modification and support for EtherNet/IP.
Operator interface Web based operator interface supports local or remote control via browser connected to embedded web server.
Programming interface Three methods available: DIO MotionBlocks (PLC), embedded Guidance Programming Language (standalone, modeled after Visual Basic.Net), PC/Unix/Linux controlled over Ethernet using TCP/IP
Machine vision (optional) Provides controller with a complete set of image-processing, measurement, inspection and finder tools.
A powerful, patented Object Locator finds parts in any orientation and at different scales within milliseconds.
Motion Control Motor Drives Up to four integrated motor drives: Drives 1&2- 16.5A peak/6A RMS per drive; Drives 3&4- 10.3A peak/6A RMS per drive Bus voltage & total power for all drives: 720W @ 48V, 180W @ 12V total with proper heat sinking
Position Sensor Interface Four differential digital encoder interfaces.
Support for several types of absolute encoders (may require "enhanced" controller option).
Control signals Brake signals. (Up to 1A at 24V available for releasing motor brakes.)
Communication Interfaces General communications RS-232 port with hardware flow control, second RS-232 port (without hardware flow control) for manual control pendant or general communication. Dual E-Stop interfaces.
Two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports.
Digital input channels
Digital input channels 4 general purpose optically isolated digital inputs, configurable as sinking or sourcing.
5 VDC to 24 VDC for logic high if sinking, 24 VDC supplied for logic high if sourcing.
Additional remote I/O available via Precise RIO modules or 3rd party MODBUS/TCP devices or 3rd party EtherNet/IP devices.
Digital output channels 4 general purpose optically isolated digital outputs, individually configurable as sinking or sourcing.
24 VDC maximum pull up if sinking.
24 VDC supplied if sourcing.
100 mA maximum per channel.
Additional remote I/O available via Precise RIO modules or 3rd party MODBUS/TCP devices or 3rd party EtherNet/IP devices.
Multi-Drop Serial I/O RS-485 multi-drop serial communications.
Required Low Voltage, Logic Power 24 +/- 5% VDC power required for logic and I/O: 2A minimum, 4A recommended for systems with remote IO, Ethernet cameras or several motors with brakes.

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